Freelance software developer

Based in Albury, NSW, Australia.
I work remotely on a whole host of projects. In recent years I've done websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, REST interfaces, SAP integrations, production process consulting, DevOps support among many other projects of a similar nature.

Also a musician

So I've also done sound editing and production for podcasts including composing backing tracks.
Not to mention hundreds of songs only to have been heard by me.

  • Projects

    Almost all of the projects I do for clients are confidential, although some may appear here at some point.

    I also have a few personal projects located on github.

    Aside from a lot of experiments, there is one project that is on its way to becoming ready for general use. Knerve is a very lightweight web server that serves static and PHP based websites.

    Another less niche project is Knaught. Not yet public in any form (the project in github is the boilerplate upon which it's built) it's to be a time tracking system to replace the one I currently use which will not be getting a 64bit upgrade. As such, I'm building my own with just the features I use so I can move on to Catalina.


The best way to get in touch is

  • Slides

    This site uses the slides framework which I use for most of my website projects.

  • Pexels

    The slides backgrounds are sourced from Pexels